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Flight Patterns

Seagulls escorting the Manly ferry back into the Quay.


I just found Bad Lip Reading on youtube. Whoever these guys are they deserve a prize. Taking horribly mediocre songs and turning them into awesome, if not completely random pop ditties.

Black Eye Peas : Compare the pair

“Boom Boom Pow”

“Everybody Poops”

Miley Cyrus : Compare the pair

“Party in the USA”


“Black Umbrella (The Right Stuff)

Rebecca Black : Compare the pair



“Gang Fight”

Run Rabbit Run

Last year, Miller’s Point had a Rabbit Problem. The whole colony of them were perched in the grassy area under the Harbour Bridge. They have since been subsequently removed (nicely of course – they have been taken to Rabbit promise land, full of milk & honey, clover & carrots no doubt).

I managed to get this shot of one of our little neighbours at Windmill Park just behind the Hero of Waterloo pub.

Update: My friend Bron tells me that the Rabbits were tested for two infectious rabbit viruses, got the clean bill of health. The healthy ones got desexed and rehomed.

It’s started. We’re attending 1 and 2 year old birthday parties. In the burbs.

And sometimes it’s awkward: I had no younger cousins or anyone around during my youth who was of child rearing age. Plus, we had a fear-of-heck put on us about child safety and protection during the 90s. So, you freak out about how you’re suppose to respond and act around these little ones. Maybe it’s easier if we wrap them in bubble wrap (In a complete non Bad Boy Bubby way) until they reach the age of 8.

So, I’m getting used to them. I might have one of you some day soon. Many quite soon. OK, this is freaking me out.

And why is it I keep making funny and cute faces around you? Is your head really as soft as egg shells or are you over that stage now? Am I holding you right or will this result in you developing funny and having an abnormal interest in burning ants with a magnifying glass?

In an attempt to be better acquainted, I’ve brought my trusty lens to snap these little bundles of joy at their cutest. Enjoy:

Tram Portrait #1

Here’s a link to a good article about the current state of play of the Trams at Rozelle.

A couple of weeks ago I got access to the Rozelle Tram Yards. This is a sad relic of Sydney’s former public transport glory when the city had a wider tram network than Melbourne. Unfortunately now its a decaying and vandalised space. The trams you see here are but a few of the remaining trams from the network. Apparently in the early 90s there was talk of reviving an inner city tram loop and these were bought and brought in by a businessman who wanted a heritage dinner tram to loop around the city. I’ll be posting more about the history of this space with more photos in the coming days. Enjoy!

Take me home

Pensive anticipation.

Bubble Trouble

Joy is found in the little things.

This woman in Potts Point is an enigma. She’s Holly Golightly in her 50s. I saw her twice in the same morning come into the cafe and order a single glass of Champagne. Audrey would be proud.

A Minor Version

This is my latest (and hopefully not flaky) attempt to reconnect with the internerds after a 6 year absence from putting anything useful or creative out there in the public sphere.

My name is Jasper and I’m an IT software geek by day, and photography enthusiast by night. This blog is a challenge and news years resolution to work on my craft and to share some of the stuff I see and experience around Sydney and my travels elsewhere.